A few words with: MUDDA #INTERVIEW


Deutsche Sprache

Q1. Thanks to the internet, we heard about “Shut up” by Mudda in the Balkans. Who is Mudda, can you introduce yourself briefly?

Hello to the Balkans – I am MUDDA, 35 years old and I am from Germany. I have been living in Switzerland for almost 20 years with my 4 children and I am originally a trained geriatric nurse emergency caregiver.

Mudda means…

means Mother in my dialect, in the strong and fighting sense..

Mudda /mutter/ Mother

persona who always knows what she wants and fights for her dreams because she has not learned otherwise. Because all this has made her what she is today: Mudda – which means mother in my dialect – in a strong and fighting sense.

Q2. You can tell that rap is the genre of music you make. Can you tell us about women in rap music in general? Do you have a higher goal that you want to achieve?

Well, nowadays it’s hard to imagine the rap scene without women. I think women clearly show who wears the pants – see international charts.

Song about the kidnapping of the two of my youngest children.

Songs about real feelings…

Yes – a big goal is to win the Eurovision Song Contest.

Songs about real feelings.

Q3.What are your songs about? Where do you get your inspiration from? What have you recorded lately and what are your plans for the future? Who are your collaborators?

My songs are about real feelings, most of the songs were actually experienced, like “ Shut up “.

This song is about the kidnapping of my two youngest children – I was out of control with worry, fear and anger, but also proud that I was able to bring them back “alone“.

Q4. Who in the German rap scene has your respect? Who would you like to collaborate with someday?

I am known to be a Shirin David fan and celebrate international female rappers, however my respect goes to Badmomzjay, the #1 German Rap Female in my eyes!

A collabo with Takt 32, Raf Camora, Bonez or Noizy would be the crowning glory.

Q5. Three things that set you apart and why?

I often get into trouble for saying what I think.

I have my own idea of freedom – because I’ve had to fight many difficult battles to this day.

I am just the complete opposite of normal 🙂

Q6. What else do you like to do besides music? What do you enjoy the most?

I love to travel, no matter where. I love discovering new places on this planet. My trip to the Balkans was cool, I like the hospitality and your humor.

Q7.And finally: What do you think drives young people today?

I myself have a daughter who is 17 years old, and I could definitely see that you and many of your classmates were totally stressed because not all of them had found an apprenticeship IMMEDIATELY.

Also, consumption in youth is more and more a burden, be it consumption while shopping, drugs or media! Peer pressure is greater than ever – The imposed isolation during college – everything left a mess of traces – even though we were all isolated, online everything was still limitless. Should I call it brainwashing?

I think the youth should be asked to hold on to themselves and their dreams – nothing and no one can stop you – only your mudda with the slipper …( laughing )

Q8. Who do you work with?

My first partially unreleased album is by German rap producer Alex Dehn.

Currently, I’m collaborating with the team of Classic L and I’m looking forward to smashing the beats of D.R. from Classic L. I’m also very proud to be working with Swiss luxury fashion brand Paul Balm.